Remote Work

Access your desktop and communicate with
colleagues and clients as if you are right at the office

Access your desktop remotely

from any device, anywhere

Our Remote Work service gives users the same environment as their office computer, but still while they are on a different device. In reality, the tool enables your team to connect to their desktop on the cloud and have a user experience as if they were right at the office.

• Connect from any device with access to the internet to your office desktop, servers and networks

• Work with all kinds of applications from the simplest to the most complex

• Answer calls from any device and forward incoming calls to any device and number

• The Kintera Communication Virtual Cloud Server can be customized on demand and offers unlimited resources

• With the automatic failover function, we make sure that in case your initial device fails as you speak, a second device takes over

Teleworking in practice

Remote Work is a precious solution for businesses that collaborate with people all over the world or have employees working from home. Now every single person in the team can reach their potential as if they were at the office and never miss a call or a meeting.

Working remotely made easy

Cloud Storage and computing allows you to access your computers, servers, and networks from anywhere and from any device. You no longer have to worry about messy hardware maintenance. Even if you have a simple or older computer, as long as it can connect to the Internet you can have your cloud available at your fingertips; using any device connected to the internet from any location in the world.

Utilizing Cloud Telephony services while you are working remotely makes your business appear more professional and even though your are working from home you can still use convenient features such as voicemail to email, call forwarding and online faxing etc. Security is also very important so having a business number which you can safely use from home really takes work from home to the next level.

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